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Why Choose broadcoin trading

About us & FAQ's

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Broadcoin is a virtual tradable asset whose value is ditermined by its demand and supply

How to trade

Ditermine the direction of prices
1:if the prices are going up, place a .

2:If the prices are going down, place a

There is 100% return on trading amounts eg. if you trade with ksh 2500, you make ksh 2500

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Trades expire in different timeframes depending on volatility
They can take a few minutes to a few hours

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This is one time bonus given to every trader who has first time deposit above ksh5,000.
starts 00:00hrs 7/July/2019- Till Notice TERMS
1:It is only given once to every trader on their first deposit
2:The bonus is removed within first 30days if not withdrawn
3:To withdraw the bonus, you must make profit a number of times on the deposit.
I- Ksh5000-20,000 : 4 times
II-Ksh20,001-50,000 :3.5 times
III-Ksh50,001-100,000 :3times
4:If withdrawal is done before the profit is met, the bonus is removed from the account.

Get Bonus

This bonus is added to your account bonus immediately on trade expiry.
Any user is entitled to this bonus any time of their trading

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1:Minimum risk, high rewards
2:Ability to trade from any device
3:Instant execution of trades
4:Convenient withdrawal of earnings- M-pesa, Airtel money, Equity bank
5:Your deposits and profits are secured




Ksh 300-500; 40
ksh500-1000; 60
Ksh1000-5000; 80
Ksh5000-10000; 100
ksh10000-20000; 150
ksh20000-30000; 200
above ksh30000; 300

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Our objective is to aid millions of individuals to be self reliant, to create themselves a continuous flow of income and achieve financial freedom through trading